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How do I use my InvizBox Go when the Wi-Fi network requires a login?



  • Howard Pakosh

    Sorry but I try the above and I still cannot get on the net. The first instruction is not clear. Am I logging on to the unsecure wireless network first? or on the InvizBox wireless network? I have tried either way and I do not ever get the message "Behing (sic) Captive Portal" on the InvizBox Status Page.

    Maybe a YouTube video explaining it would be better... I don't know.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Howard, thanks for your comment, I've updated the article to be clearer and fixed the typo. If you're still having issues, open a support ticket so we can look into it.

    I've recently started doing videos and this is one of the subjects that I'm planning to cover soon.


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