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InvizBox 2 - Firmware 0.0.41



  • Rajeev Singh

    Where is the link to download this?

  • Paul

    Hi Rajeev. You can get this firmware by logging into your InvizBox 2 administration interface. The device offers it for automatic update. I hope this helps!

  • mr-bungle

    Hi, does this support Windscribe static IPs yet?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi mr-bungle. No, this version of the firmware does not support Windscribe static IPs.

    Support for that feature is not currently on our roadmap as it would require access to Windscribe user accounts which the InvizBox 2 doesn't have. The InvizBox 2 works by using the credentials for VPN but not anything related to the account administration - for example specific configuration required for the Windscribe Static IP feature.

  • mr-bungle

    Thank you for the detailed answer!


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