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I can not reach the internet when connected to my InvizBox 2



  • Chris DeSmet

    How are you supposed to get to the admin page if there is no internet connecting to the invizibox in the first place. Not to mention can't be found regardless of what browser I use. You're not clear explaining "gateway" vs "original network" either.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Chris, the Administration Interface is running on the InvizBox 2 device. This means that it is accessible by any device connected to the InvizBox 2 (Ethernet or WiFi) even with no access to the Internet. It also means that it is not accessible when you are not connected to an InvizBox 2 network. I've rewritten the other article without using gateway or original network. If you need more help, you can open a support ticket from the top of the page.


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