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How do I reset my InvizBox 2



  • chris111

    Resetting the Invizbox 2 using the USB method doesn't remove the Open VPN credentials -- security risk if given away, sold, returned, etc without manually removing the credentials first.

    Please fix this security vulnerability and ensure there is a full factory reset option which clears ALL data.

  • Permanently deleted user

    The way to remove stored VPN credentials is described here:

    You can overwrite your credentials with any string. Make sure you have already changed the credentials in the Administration Interface to be invalid or else they will be persisted on the next successful connection.

    If your VPN provider provides anonymised credentials (not linked to your emails address / username), you could also generate a new set on their website as that would invalidate the persisted set.

  • ProtonVPNRouter


    The links bring me to a general FAQ's page. When I select either option on the FAQ page, it brings me back here in an endless loop.


  • Permanently deleted user

    That should be fixed


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