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Can I switch VPN providers on my InvizBox 2?



  • Daniel Devine

    When do you expect to have this feature implemented?

  • Alastair Dodd

    Hi yes I'd like to know this, I was told back in Dec 2019 that you were intending to implement this and there seems to have been silence on this issue apart from this post 4 months after that. If its not in the road map for the next 6 months don't announce it as it may as well be vapourware

  • Siegfried Leonard

    Please implement this feature. Thanks! Some of us want to switch to Inviz VPN but we are stuck...

  • Daniel Devine

    Hi @Dovydas. Any update here. My Windscribe subscription is expring tomorrow and I don't want to renew as I find streaming with them to be quite slow and laggy.

    We would like to know when this feature of the InvizBox2 will be implemented so we can use different VPN providers.




  • John

    any update on this ? I don't wanna stay with my VPN provider for life :(

  • Alastair Dodd

    Could you implement an OpenVPN solution on the box that would be wonderful.

    I assume due to the last firmware being a year old that there is an update coming soon, we know you have had problems and delays on the Pro2 and it can't have been easy. Hope to hear some love for the Invizibox2 soon.


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