Can I use my own VPN service with the InvizBox Go?




  • Usman Kidwai

    Hi Vincent,

    Is there any timeline on when this feature will be made available? Not asking for a specific date, but just an idea on timeline...

    Q1CY18, Q2, Q3?



  • Vampyre

    I'd like to know a rough estimate of when this will be available too, it might be very useful to me.

  • R. Beunk

    It's already possible but this article is not updated yet.


    Here is the blogpost where it is explained: 

    Not recommended for people that don't know how to use SSH and command line.

    It comes down to 4 steps:

    1. Enable SSH on the webinterface of the invizbox go
    2. Modify the dns servers in the invizbox go config
    3. Upload your own OVPN config to the invizbox go so this can be used to connect
    4. Append the custom connection to the vpn config so you can select it in the webinterface
  • Usman Kidwai

    the listed process is a bit complicated and users can go wrong if they dont follow it properly. I thought that the Invizbox team was looking to add a more simpler process to allow users to add their own VPN services. that is what i was asking about?

  • Steven S.

    R. Beunk

    Thank you for this information and instructions, very informative and helpful.

    I've been able to add my own VPN service to the list of VPN locations, I haven't, yet, been able to get it to connect, though, because of the different username. The InvizBox Go will not accept a username without the '@invizbox' as part of the username. I'm not sure I want to changie my VPN service username to this format, so I may just have to wait until InvizBox allows for adding our own VPN services.

    I bought my InvizBox Go with the 2 months of VPN service, so I hope they fix this before it runs out, as I don't wish to have to renew that. If not, I do hope they have an easy way to renew, if I'm left with no choice.


    Something you can look into, gl-inet has their mini-routers, which are fully OpenVPN compliant, use OpenWRT/LEDE, and allow for an easy way to upload ovpn files through their web interface with just a drag and drop of either the ovpn file(s), or a zip file containing the ovpn files. I would still prefer to use InvizBox Go, due to it's portability, and it can be used to recharge my devices in a pinch.


  • R. Beunk

    @Steven S.

    Steve no need to replace the login on the invizbox config.

    You can add login details for your own custom connection to the OVPN file. Add this line of text to the config for your own server:

    auth-user-pass pass.txt

    Now create a text file named pass.txt and add the credentials


    Upload the new OVPN file and the pass.txt to the invizbox and you are set.

  • Usman Kidwai

    Is there a timeline on when this feature would be made available in the UI?

  • Steven S.

    @R. Beunk

    Thank you, I didn't know that, I'll give it a try tonight.

  • Steven S.

    @R. Beunk


    I gave it a try, it works great, thank you.

  • R. Beunk

    @Steven S.

    Good to hear that it works!


    Thumbs up for the devs for sharing how to add your own vpn, this makes the Invizbox GO more versatile. I hope one day they will add this feature to the GUI.

  • Usman Kidwai

    Reviving an old thread - is there any update on when this feature will make its way into the UI, so that users can configure their own VPN service for Invizbox.Go?

  • Vincent

    @Usman, There is no change here. This feature is currently not in the list of features that are being considered for the product roadmap. You can follow the instructions from my blog page as mentioned in the article and you should be able to use your own VPN.

  • Usman Kidwai

    Thanks @Vincent. I was just checking, as it would be a definitely nice feature to have in the UI.

    I have a 12 month subscription for the Pro 2, so i should be good for now, will have to investigate doing this once my subscription expires.

    who knows, you guys might put it on the roadmap and deliver this feature in the next 12 months :)

  • R. Beunk

    Hi Vincent, can you also write a blog post for adding your own vpn config to the Invizbox 2? Would love to add my own network as the Invizbox 2 is used at work.

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